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years but energy efficiency there are no such problems with wind farms. it's or solar its a superior environment for rate certainty and it would both offer residential customers and the city considerably less risk around the of service. >> that is once you have built out. >>> yes, we have a farrell rapid build out schedule for that very reason we would start the program obviously with 100% bought power and then, quickly, roll out local resources to hedge that and so you would have within a couple of years a significant hedge on your wholesale price of power and by your four-year, five, year six, you are over 50% mitt gated and whatever happens in the market whether it goes up or down it is hit the c c a customer less than it would hit the p g and e kir or the direct access customer who have a more direct exposurethat commodity price. >> and then the residents you bring along after the commercial customers are enrolled. >> well in general because year face one is currently focused on the residential class we are recommending that the residential customers be added quickly in p
buildings where it reduces the amount of energy use which reduce our loss. so, we're looking at balancing that versus go solar which you give rebates to private citizens. so, these are all the things that we're considering we need to talk with all stakeholders. >> what is the deadline to sunset on solar deductions? >> on the go solar sf program, it's currently concludes in 2018. >> i know you said 2018 for this program. i was referring to the state program in terms of -- >> there isn't a deadline for the california solar incentive. >> i thought -- so it's still in existence? >> it's still in existence. the dollar amount available ratchets down over time, but i don't believe it's projected to go to zero. >> okay. but pretty close? >> yeah. >> all right. commissioner vietor? >> i would be interested, since we are in the thick of the clean power sf conversations, to hear more specifically how this go solar program could be tied to go solar customers -- i mean, to clean power sf customers. and also some thoughts around kind of the marketing and framing and if that could be something that woul
of local clean energy, they are not getting this. and we have really got do something to pick up on what jessica was talking about and we need to hire a director for the staff that is deeply knowledgeable about the local distributed generation and how to implement it through this program otherwise we are going to lose this program. and i want to get back to the key problem is that for many many years through many ordinance and is resolutions both the board of supervisors and yourselves have directed your staff to work on the local power model and bring it forward. these resolution and is ordinances did not direct power enterprise staff to battle with the contractor, who which, is far more enter the than they are on these issues and resist what they are proposing at every turn i'm sorry to be so critical, but this is very serious as you were saying commissioner mr. president, the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake here. and just to refer also to the packet that jessica referred to the presentation about the s f u centimeters's approach to a local build out is unreal sp
that a light green program means you're not getting your whole energy or all of your energy from recs or any kind of renewable energy. the light green program in marin is 50% regular energy from wherever they're getting it from and 50% renewable energy credit. so, that is what a light green program is. all the different options we're looking at are all 100%. pg&e needs are going to be 100%. our parav -- program is going to be 100% * whether it's [speaker not understood]. i can look at our solar panel over there and say my money went to that. it doesn't matter to -- the general public doesn't know the difference between bucket 3 recs which are the ones that are unbundled and bucket 1 recs which are ones you can say my money went to that solar panel right therethv they just know they're purchasing 100% renewable energy from the city. the only thing that brings our program apart from pg&e's program is this discussion of local benefits to san francisco. where are the jobs? and right now the plan as we're looking at it doesn't have that language in there. it doesn't have that message so people
it civilly would be a local scaled acceleration of affordable tax and co generation of energy efficiency and other local renewable demand site resource as far as the conceptual approach and the product definition this is seasonally what was referred to in the industry as energy as a service and that means that you get out of the old kilowatt hour paradigm that goes back to the 1930's where you are selling hours of power into a service approach where you are standard dyeing on site affordable tax and building retrofits as standard components of that service we focus on a no money down approach to energy efficiency and renewables this would not only require any kind of a late premium to the customers but a rate discount for those customers and is so energy efficiency with a discount and no money down and that is product differentiation that p g and e does not offer and utilities do not offer but we are uniquely poised to offer. this would apply to both the business community as well as residential customers. and so, as far as the approach to development we are really recommending an integr
renewable energy credits, the price of those is dramatically different depending upon which one you choose. and, so, just to give you a rate comparison, if you buy bundled recs, that actually ties the renewable energy to a physical place where we can point to that power plant, that solar panel, that wind farm. that has in the marketplace -- that costs about 5 cents a kilowatt hour. if we buy a tradable rec, we can typically get those for less than a quarter of a penny per kilowatt hour. so, depending upon which green attribute we want to green up our portfolio, be it a light green portfolio versus a dark green portfolio, or whatever shade of green in between, it's either very expensive or less expensive depending upon which ones we do. so, what we've done is we've dusted off the lighter shade of green and then also our premium green product and showed you the mix there. and the key financial considerations are that the renewable product mix is what drives the difference in premium. and our deep green product is about $10 more a month versus a lighter green product would be about $6 a month
to roughly double the cost of the rate on energy to the customer, so it's vital that we get the lafco to send a strong message to the sfpuc hey that's not good enough. we need the local distribution and the local jobs. we need to get back to the other model and make it work. thanks. >> thank you. any other member of the public would like to comment please come forward. >> david mc cord. i am the chair of the energy committee and san francisco has a great opportunity here now to develop really first class community choice aggregation system and right now there are two models presented. one by puc staff. they have been working diligently on that and also they -- the plan, the model being presented, developed and explained by the commission's consultant of local power. we think that local power is much better. it has the robust build out behind the meter, and lower premiums, price premiums especially in the first year. that will help people to stay opted in and not opt out, and as mr. brooks said lots of jobs for san francisco residents, so i would like the commission to send a strong
energy to the public. espinola jackson has always been around. i'm bumping into her constantly. i wish she was here to hear it. her contribution to the city process is profound -- has been profound. and so i not only would want to lionize dr. jackson, but just to say that even though dr. jackson has helped solve many problems like getting rid of the last power plant and stopping a new one from coming in and without her we probably would have never accomplished those goals. but there are still -- and then there's the digester issue. there are still a lot of other issues like the digester issue that are not solved yet. so, i would just strongly urge the commission and the staff to continue to pay attention to dr. jackson and listen to her wise advice, because she knows what she's talking about and she has helped this city process and the sfpuc process i am immeasurably in the last years. >> move to the consent calendar. any member wishing to remove an item, a, b or c? all right. i'll entertain a motion to approve and then we'll get to public comments if there are any. >> i'll move the it
of your lives and putting energy into changing how government can serve the people of our county. and that's very impressive and i for one as a citizen of san francisco am very grateful to each and every one of you for doing that. for watching out for me, because that's what you are, each and every one of you, watching out for me and my well-being as well as everyone else in the city. and around the state, thanks to the california civil grand jury association, we have 58 groups that do the same and help people experience government at a higher level and have government work for them. so, thanks to the california civil grand jury association for doing that, for making that work for us. and on behalf of state senator leno, i have the privilege of presenting the certificate of recognition to the california civil grand jury association. and with our thanks and great appreciation. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. (applause) >> as absolved a group as we may be, we cannot forget that this gathering is primarily to recognize that we're all but citizens of this great state, and that we all bear
. i knocked on my supervisors door. i just had gotten my energy and we're here and i hope he, continue. also i want to talk about greatness but i ran out of time. we have at 8th and brannan we have the concourse. happy imply year, happy valentine's >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you supervisors. i think it's very important we're in control of this city. the mayor wants this city to become one of the strongest cities in this country. however, there are other second degree terrors of the economy we haven't increased our monies here. so therefore we're in control is very important. and housing is needed and that's what i believe the mayor said. on the different subject matter and it doesn't pertain to this audience but pertains to our whole country. our nation is for advocacy and human rights i find it peculiar that so many people are not able to get marijuana and i think it should be legal listed. >> next speaker. >> before i start i'd like the camera to focus on that lady. she's the one that needs the publicity. thank you. i'm douglas and i've lived in san francisco for 719 y
detail, the energy and time that the young people committed to make sure we created of the awareness of human trafficking. i want to highlight that there is a calendar of events. if any of you would like to continue to be involved i encourage you to either yourself be involved or pass out the information. today there will be a human trafficking 101 session that we encourage you to attend so we understand this issue in hybrids at seven cisco. thank you to the chief of police, the chief of probation, carmen chu, and we appreciate everyone being here including the district attorney's office for being part of this cause. thank you. (applause)
department staff and michelle for their time and energy spent on the site. thank you. >> commissioner wu: let's open up for public comment. ms. duffy? >>: my name is joy duffy, i lived in arena and -- area for over 50 ye in. arsi find that the number of antennas seems to be excessive. i also don't have cable. i rely entirely as a senior with limited funds on the mountain davison antenna, i get 30+ stations. i question if i will get any reception with a 12 antennas on top of this hotel. i also have a health issue. -- i think that we should know the health issues concerned especially with 12 of these antennas on top. i presently could not afford cable. if i lose mount davison i am in a financial situation that i cannot handle. i vote no. i thank you for your attention. >> commissioner wu: any other comment? public comment is closed. >>: one correction. >>: commissioner borden. >> commissioner borden: if you have any sort of, ms. duffy, any sort of interference at&t can get readings from your home. if there is a new sort of radio frequency. our purview is in the planning and aesthetic issues.
. that gave our small company a lot of experience in the energy business and we use that past performance to get a federal project with the gsa, putting the first biomass boiler in a gsa-owned federal building which was actually a $5 million contract, a very large contract. that type of experience and past performance that we got as an lbelj contractor has gotten us a tremendous amount of work elsewhere and given us a lot of experience. and if you know anyone who does federal work, they require the past performance or they'll kick you out of the job even if you're the low bidder. and that was -- that got us into the energy business or construction business, anyway, and kept us going during some rough economic times. the specific comment to the jock group oversight, i've had within those 70 task orders 70% success. with the 5% that's been difficult, the jock managers have all come almost immediately to any request we've had to resolve disputes we've had with managers in the specific sites, whether it be in hetch hetchy or in [speaker not understood] or at one of those plants locally here,
effort and your energy. what they fail to take into account is that members of the public rely on these agendas to decide whether or not to come here to speak to you. and they have to... they have other lives, and they have to make arrangements for their children, to pick them up after school and have them taken care of with their job or whatever and they do that based on the agenda that you put out 72 hours in advance. in you come in every time and you do it almost every time. you come in and you rearrange the agenda. like right now you are going to go into closed session for some period of time, and if i asked you what it was you will go, i don't know. and so members of the public who come here to talk to you get the message very clearly, very quickly that even though you mouthed the words, we would like the public input, you really don't mean it because what you do in actuality, is rearrange things so that they are denied that opportunity. so if you going to do that, at least don't be hypocritical and say how much that we enjoy and appreciate public participation. because if
things that have changed, requirements of three elevators versus two. issues with respect to energy conservation, etc. in principle i think that the most important condition for this project is for it to occur within one year. and with the applicant standing here and testify that there is intent to start within two weeks is the best proof. this is something we should continue to support and see that it indeed becomes exemplary of what this commission is looking for. i would like to make one comment. i think the commission as part of its previous approval stated that some of us interested to see the final façade design to be reviewed by some of us. i have not had the opportunity to follow up with staff. those commissioners who want to be involved should continue to do so. i want to restate the continued interest of some of us to participate in the final configuration. >>: anyway. to staff, in terms of the one-year permitting trigger, with respect to the building permit, is there a specific permit that is referenced? can they go in for a site permit and that counts? >>: the first
from phase two to phase one and there were energy efficiency additions to the scope. there was whatever came i guess from the architectal vision that was incorporated. so did everything else just wash out exactly and that is why the increase to the budget reflected just the $400 million of the grant? >> yeah, just the $400 million of the grant application was developed in conjunction with looking at all of these other moving components of the estimate. >> so it is not just the cost of the box per se, then? the $400 million grant was looking at the cost of the box in terms of the hard cost and the design cost and the construction management and it extended our construction schedule by two and a half years, they were both the hard costs of the box as well as some time dependent costs and there were other adjustments within the budget categories based on the picture that we were looking at, at that time, but those were kind of done in parallel with the incorporation with that funding. >> so that may, 2010, revised budget of 1.589 incorporated all of that. >> exactly. >> okay. >> and then t
that is central to the pelly proposal and also a number of energy conservation measures that allowed us to move from the initial target of lead silver to lead gold and the vision that pelly had brought to the competition to the design of the transit center. at that time, we were maintaining the cost estimated cost of construction within the original $1.89 budget through a number of valuing engineering measures both with pelly clark pelly as well as osha working as the cmgc. and we moved into natural ventilation and eliminated a glass enclosure that was to go around the perimeter of the bus boarding island. we reduced the number of skylights at the park level from five to three which opened up more program space in the park for landscape space but, through the use of tubes that the architect had proposed still bringing significant natural lighting to the bus deck level. we had refined the design of the structural system as well as the park landscaping and all of those value engineering efforts had allowed us to maintain a cost estimates within the earned base line budget and of course, in the 2
with red inside and the mix of colors and energy and we have action in italics because that's the focus, and so the picture we have below is an action we did just this wednesday with the valentine a day eve action. this is the health care action team or hat so they have a yellow hard hats to go along with the action team and we see a group of people on the steps of city hall and what they're doing is practicing singing. we had several songs about how important it is for people with disabilities and seniors to have a home in san francisco, and that means having housing and health care and home care, and that people should be welcomed and that we need to make some changes here obviously, and so after preparing on the steps here we went inside up to the second floor and we went around and sang to all of our supervisors and some of the aids to make sure that people knew we're here, that we're in the community, and that we want to continue to get out more in greater numbers to make changes. okay. so here's a list of our programs. the health care action team i will start with since i was
, the people, everything. it is like everyone has so much energy. >> hey, you are beautiful. and i love you. >> why? because... it is definitely a lot more fun than being inside. >> so far we have had zero problems. it is a long-step process, a lot of thinking and people involved. so we think that we got rid of all of the problems that could happen. they are doing it, and we are doing it and everybody is doing the best that they can. >> it is a wonderful out reach >> come. >> it is beautiful. ♪ >> you're watching quick bites, the show that is san francisco. and today you're in for a real treat. oh, my! food inspired by the mediterranean and middle east with a twist so unique you can only find it in one place in san francisco. we're at the 55th annual armenian festival and bizarre. this is extra special not only because i happen to be armenian, but there is so much delicious food here. and i can't wait to share it with all of you. let's go. armenia, culture and cusine has had much cultural exchanges with its neighbors. today armenian food infuses he flavor from the mediterranean, middle e
. the governor just selected him as the commissioner of the california energy commission. >> our condolances. [laughter] >> so, we're looking forward to be working with him. >> i am, too. i think it's a tremendous challenge and a tremendous opportunity right now that we see for the state, especially in so many -- in so many areas. again, i want to thank the governor for his vision in some of these appointments because they've been pretty good protectors of the environment he's appointed. all right. >> that concludes my report. >> any public comments on the general manager's? >>> david very briefly. i was out of the room a moment ago. but i understand todd mentioned the bond sale and i really wanted to appreciate staff again for continuing work on behalf of the rate payers and also to the now appointed commissioner hoff child a former member of this commission. >> yes. >>> so good for all of us. thank you very much. >> thank you. yes. mr. dicosta. >>> i wanted to talk a little bit about espinola jackson and the water system improvement project and the bond measure. may i take the liberty to f
assignments or is there anything relate today say for example renewable energy of the facility or? >> i don't believe so. >>> okay any public comments on the motion there being none we will proceed to a vote all those in favor signify by saying aye oppose? motion carries. >> now we are onto regular business and without objection would like to move item 15 to the budget of our next hearing so we take up the budget and the vote at the same time if that is okay with everyone. >> okay item number ten. item ten approved? is there something that we should discuss that we have to think about before the next meeting in terms of budget? >>> i think it's pretty self explaintory are there issues that we need to discuss? >> very quickly todd ritchie cfo and the prompt is complete and extensive if you review the materials that you already have for the public and it's also available on the website so we can have a full discussion next time and i'm available to questions at anytime. >> all right and do we have a time estimate for what that combined presentation is likely to involve in. >>>
society and turn them back into some energy. and we have another ability to take that sludge and get a nutrient value for crops there. we actually are running a kind of composting energy recovery system. >> well, this is a dirty job. we try to do it safely and we try to do it without imposing too much on the public. people want to flush their toilets and have things go away and not be bothersome again. we do a lot to try to accomplish that. i'd like to invite you to come back any time you want. once you got this in your blood, you are not going to be able to stay away. the raging waters are fun and when we do digester cleaning i really hope you can come back. that's quite a sight. >> yeah, that sounds interesting. >> i really appreciate you coming by and it was a
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)